Family Photos on the Lake

I’ve been wanting to get a family picture for a while now, & it FINALLY happened yesterday!! Tom suggested a park we used to go to– it’s farther from our house than the park I was thinking, but I figured why not.

On the way there, I realized I forgot Gabi’s shoes AND the wireless remote so we could take the photos. Greaaaat, lol. Thankfully, Tom is an angel & set up the remote on my phone :) & well, we just decided Gabi was going to be barefoot, haha.

We got there & had about 5 minutes of cooperation before things started going south. As I was setting up the tripod, Gabi & Gio started digging in the dirt. Gabi’s hands & feet were FILTHY & I left the wipes in the car, which wasn’t exactly close. *siiiiiigh* I tried to wipe them off as best I could, but it was kind of a lost cause, haha. Gabi immediately started crying when we started the pictures & I was getting frustrated, thinking a photo wasn’t going to happen after all the planning/preparation.

Tom suggested we take a break & let the kids play on the beach. So that’s what we did. & they LOVED IT. & so did we! Gio started by dipping his feet in the water & then ended up swimming in his clothes. We just went with it, haha.

Gabi LOVED finding rocks to throw in the water. She did it ooooover & over, & never got tired of it, haha.

I wish we made it to the beach more this summer, since it’s starting to get too cold to go now. But Tom & I agreed that it was one of the best times we had in a long time, just watching the kiddos (& pup Macklin) play & laugh.


I usually have all kinds of spare clothes, towels, & extra EVERYTHING in the car, but of course I didn’t have anything this time. Of course. I cleaned out my car recently, washed everything & never put it back in. Soooooo. Gio went home in a shirt & Gabi went home in her diaper, haha. SUCH A FUN TIME, though, you guys!!

Love my little family & this is going to be one of those memories we talk about forever :) Thanks for stopping by!!!