Today while I was cleaning my makeup brushes I thought it would be a good post to share with all of you. Brushes not only retain makeup product buildup, but they also collect dust, dirt, bacteria, oil, etc. which could cause breakouts so it’s important to clean your brushes regularly!
What you need:
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Olive oil
  • Plate
  • Towel (use one that doesn’t shed lint)
  • Washcloth
Antibacterial soap is what’s going to clean your brushes & kill the germs, but it’s also going to dry out your bristles… Which is why olive oil is used. In addition to breaking down your makeup buildup, the oil is going to condition the bristles.
Squeeze a bit of soap & oil on either side of your plate. Sorry, the oil is hard to see because of the design on the plate!
Swirl your brush between the two to get a bit of both soap & oil on your brush.
Gently swirl the brush around the palm of your hand & over your fingers while running it under warm water. Do this until the soap is out & the water runs clear. Be careful not to let the water reach above the top of the metal part (where the black & red meet in the pic below) because water might get inside causing it to rust or compromise the glue that holds the bristles. Keep in mind you should also ALWAYS hold your brush “bristles down” to keep the water from draining into the handle.
*Imagine brushes working like a pen… When you put them on a (dry) surface the liquid is expelled, so if you’re having trouble removing some makeup just add water & swirl the brush on a dry washcloth or towel to draw it out. Not sure if that makes sense but I’m not really sure how else to explain it, haha.*
Squeeze (gently) out as much water as you can with your fingers. Stroke your brush back & forth along your dry towel (make sure it’s not a towel that sheds lint) to draw out any residual water. Shape your bristles & lay them on an angle (with bristles down) to dry. I usually roll one end of my towel to create a little slope. If you lay your brushes flat there’s a chance water could seep into the handle, & if you put them straight up & down it’s going to put pressure on the bristles & they’ll dry bent.
Hope you learned a thing or two, thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas!!