A Sentimental Mother’s Day Gift She’s Sure to Love

Surprise mom with a sentimental Mother’s Day gift she’s sure to love– a customized I Love You, Mom book by Hooray Heroes. With stories about her personality and illustrations that look just like her, this custom keepsake book is a unique and beautiful way to celebrate her as your mom. She will love this thoughtful gift that you created especially for her. Read on to find out how you can create your very own custom I Love You, Mom book for Mother’s Day.

Hooray Heroes gifted me these custom I Love You, Mom books in exchange for this post. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Sentimental Mother’s Day Gift

How it works


Creating your custom I Love You, Mom book is super simple. Just hop onto the Hooray Heroes I Love You, Mom book template. First, you’ll customize your book characters and names for the story. Then, you’ll choose which stories to include in the book. Last, you’ll create a dedication page with some heartfelt words. That’s it!! It’s super easy and you’ll wow your mom with this sentimental Mother’s Day gift she’s sure to love. Let’s get started!

Customizing Your Book Characters


First, you’ll go in and customize the illustrations for both you and your mom. Do you call her mom? Mama? Mother? You’ll choose that at the top, then choose her physical features from hair style/color, skin tone, eye color, and accessories– does your mom wear glasses or have freckles? There are options for that! You’ll customize what you both look like today, then you’ll choose options for what she and you looked like when you were little. Again, you’ll be choosing hair style/color, skin tone, eye color, and accessories. When you’re done with that, you’ll save and continue to the next section:

Choosing The Stories

The I Love You, Mom book allows you to choose up to 10 stories to feature in the book. These rhyming stories are beautifully written to reflect the different personality traits unique to your mom. Was she brave? Kind? Smart? Choose the stories that relate to her and show her how much you appreciated everything she was– and still is– for you as a mom.

Dedication Page


The book comes with a dedication page so you can tell your mom how much you love her! It comes with templates that you can use as is, or change to your liking. This is your chance to personalize it to your heart’s content! Whether you’re a person of few words or you’d like to cover the whole page with your writing, it’s up to you.

Fun Mama Reactions to this Sentimental Mother’s Day Gift

We couldn’t wait to share the custom books we created for our moms, we knew their reactions would be priceless! You can expect an initial reaction of surprise, then a mix of tears, laughter, and lots of reminiscing about your childhood. Your mom will be so surprised at this sentimental Mother’s Day gift, it’ll be tough to top it next year!

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