Gabriella’s 2nd Birthday!

Gabriella turned 2 two days after Giovanni. When I realized I hardly took any photos for Gio’s birthday, I made a point to take more for Gabi’s! Here’s a video recap of the day, & you can scroll down to see  more photos :)

We debated on having a joint party for the kids, but we decided to keep things chill & just do our own thing. We had pink & white balloons (plus all the leftover balloons from Gio’s birthday) decorating the room, but ran straight to the presents, haha. We made french toast for breakfast & put a special birthday candle in Gabi’s piece so we could sing Happy Birthday. After breakfast, we got ready to go to the Kohl Children’s Museum.

The kids l o v e d it. They went shopping, made sandwiches at Potbelly’s, looked at x-rays, enjoyed water play, built with foam blocks, “painted” a room & so much more! Check out the video to see all the fun :)

Gabriella, you’re such a sweet & spunky girl! I love:

  • How you always want me to hold your hand
  • How you have to sit on my lap during story time
  • That you love “putting on makeup” & painting nails with me
  • That you’re the best cuddler!!

Never change, little one. Love you so much, Happy (really belated) Birthday, sweet girl!!