I can’t believe Gabriella is a month old already (& I’m just now getting around to writing this, ha!). Life has been pretty hectic around here though, having 2 kiddos is taking some getting used to! But I’m loving it. Just look at this girl, who wouldn’t be in love?!

IMG_1267 04-05-16 2

Her hair… I’ll never be over it! Our little mad scientist <– I say that with so much love, hahaha :)

04-05-16 6

At one month old, she’s in the 91% for height & 46% for weight… pretty much right where Gio was! She sleeps 3 1/2 hrs at night, which, if you remember my post on sleeping struggles with Gio you’ll understand why 3 1/2 hrs is amazing! Of course I’m still a tired mama chasing a 2 yr old most days, but I’ll take those 3 1/2 consecutive hours of sleep at night :)

Gio has been adjusting pretty well to having a little “sissy” & he loves her to pieces– follow me on Snapchat (@thelovenotes) to see all the cuteness! He has lots of nicknames for her, but “pincess,” honey & sunshine are probably his favorite. Too cute :)

All the heart eye emojis.

I do have to admit that even though he’s such a little lover, we’ve seen a few signs of jealousy in this past week, too. I might do a separate post on that… I’m hoping it’s just a phase but we’re doing our best to address it & make sure he knows he’s our boy & he’s sooo loved! Can we talk about how cute he looks with his new haircut?? He’s looking so big to me lately!


The craziness of having 2 kids kind of comes in waves… I feel like it’s either calm (or as calm as it can be with a 2-yr-old boy, haha) or way too many things are happening at once for me to handle. Like last night when I was trying to not burn make dinner while keeping Gio from climbing onto the countertops/taking food out of the refrigerator/throwing onions (“Ball, mama?”), then seeing that Gabi spit up alllll over herself & it somehow ended up on him, too… I’m getting a headache just thinking about it, hahaha. I love all the moments…. but I have to say, I’m extra thankful for the peaceful ones ;)


In other news… My first trip out with 2 kids was nothing short of exciting. It took foreeeeever to even get out the door, haha. I forgot how much longer it takes with a newborn! I got used to just hopping in the car with Gio whenever I wanted to. If he got hungry, there’s snacks in the car… With a breastfed newborn it’s a little different, haha. We eventually made it out the door & into the car. I made sure to park next to the carts at Target so I could grab one & put Gio in right away. & I’m so grateful for my Moby wrap so I could be hands free… just kidding, you’re never hands free when you have a 2 yr old, even sitting in a cart. Ha!


Thankfully, my first trip out alone was a breeze because they were both little angels :) & little by little I’m sure I’ll get used to going out with 2 instead of 1.

So that’s where we’re at right now. Just learning how to navigate these changes. & enjoying every minute!! I’m so grateful for these babies.04-05-16 5

I’m hoping to post an adorable DIY next week, so check back for that ;) Thanks for stopping by!