I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween!

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Friday morning I had my doctor’s appointment to check on baby Gabriella, everything looks great! Her heart beat was at 145 & she’s moving a ton, I think even more than Giovanni was & let me tell you, he was a MOVER!

I’m really enjoying this pregnancy– compared to my first it’s been a breeze so far. I do have a little back pain, random exhaustion & a hard time sleeping… but I was soooo sick with Giovanni, had zero energy & terrible pregnancy acne so I think God is giving me a break this time around, haha.

I’m 23 weeks & I’m finally looking a little more pregnant & a little less like I just had a huge meal, haha. I can’t believe I’m more than halfway there, time is going by so fast!!!

bump collage

We had a pretty low key Halloween, starting with some sensory play. Spiders & oats in the sensory table! Make sure you check out how I made our DIY sensory table if you missed it :)


We threw in some things from the kitchen– a funnel, a silicone ice cube tray, a spoon, a cup & some small tupperware containers. He loves sensory activities & plays for a long time, filling up the containers then dumping them out.


I put a sheet down since I figured it would be all over the place but he did pretty good! We did have some clean up help from our dog Macklin, who ate most of the oats that fell, hahaha.


There was a neighborhood event at our clubhouse where they had BBQ, pumpkins & goodie bags for the kids. Since Florida decided it wanted to be 89 degrees on Halloween we had a wingless/faceless/talonless owl before & after this picture, hahaha. We just had too much costume for the heat outside! You can check out the DIY Owl Costume in my previous post to see more pictures of his costume + all the details on how I made it.


We walked home in our feathered onesie, treasuring our light up pumpkin toy we got in our goodie bag :)


When we got home we had fun painting our pumpkin & waiting for trick-or-treaters.





That pretty much sums up our Halloween! Now I’m thinking it’s time to start decorating for the holidays…

I usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving but I just don’t know if I can wait that long this year, haha.

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