I’ve been experimenting with mixed metals in Christmas decor this year & what better way than with a DIY ornament wreath?


All you need for this project is:

  • A wreath frame- $2.99 for the 12″ size
  • Fabric (if you get a metal frame like I did)
  • Hot glue/gun
  • Different sized/colored ornaments. I got 1 box of large silver, 1 box of large rose gold, 1 box of small silver & 1 box of small gold. Use any colors you want!

Start with your wreath frame. If you got metal like me, you might want to cover it with fabric so you have more space to glue the ornaments onto. I didn’t get a styrofoam wreath because I have a high temp glue gun & I was afraid it would melt it.

IMG_6522 copy

I used white felt since I have a lot of it & I wanted something that could sort of blend in with my ornament colors. I cut a couple strips a little wider than the frame & hot glued it along the edges. This is a picture of the back– the front is the curved side.

IMG_6526 copy

Start gluing on the ornaments, facing the top of the ornament down. You really only want to see the ball part, not the part you would put an ornament hook on.  After gluing a few I realized it would be a good idea to glue the big ornaments on first, then fill in the gaps with the small ones. Can you see my reflection? Hiiiiii! Haha.

IMG_6527 copy

I didn’t space out my big ornaments enough & I had a small gap with no more big ones left! Luckily, hubby found more in the attic & saved the day. We’ll pretend the silvers are exactly the same color & size…. haha.

IMG_6528 copy

I added small ornaments until I had the rest of the big ornaments from the attic.

IMG_6531 copy

I continued adding small ones, ensuring there was no blank space or ornament tops showing.

IMG_6536 copy

I tied on a ribbon on the back that will hang from the wreath holder.

IMG_6535 copy

& this is the final product! I wasn’t sure about the mixed metals but I’m kinda diggin’ them:)


This project could cost you close to nothing if you have old ornaments that you aren’t planning on using on your tree. I hope you enjoyed this super easy DIY & as always, post your pictures if you make one!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!