Thanksgiving weekend means Christmas tree shopping… My favorite thing to do to kick off the holiday season!!

Sadly, Gio was more interested in the tractors next to the tree lot than any of the trees, haha.

_MG_6650 copy

_MG_6593 copy

We spent quite a bit of time admiring them & we even ended up sitting on a few!

_MG_6631 copy

We like to wave to the other tractors while we drive, haha.

_MG_6617 copy

He didn’t love sitting on them at all. As you can clearly see ;)

_MG_6644 copy

Aaaaaaaand we weren’t very happy to leave the heavy machinery at first…

_MG_6615 copy

But then we got distracted & forgot about them.. for just a few minutes.


This picture isn’t in focus but I love his face! Haha.

_MG_6609 copy

We found a 10′ tree we loved & had it loaded up.

_MG_6606 copy _MG_6603 copy

& that about sums up our tree shopping! Nothing exceptionally exciting for Gio aside from the tractors (haha) but hopefully next year he’ll be a little more interested. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing our little adventure, thanks for stopping by!