3 Family-Friendly Places to Visit In Lake Forest, IL

If you’re new to the area & looking for some fun things to do in Lake Forest, I’ve got you covered. I took the kids on a day trip for some educational fun recently & the kids loved it! Read on to see where we went & what we did at these 3 family-friendly places to visit in Lake Forest, IL.

Wildlife Discovery Center

Our first stop was to the Wildlife Discovery Center where we saw snakes, frogs, crocs, komodo dragons, turtles, bats, birds of prey & even A BOBCAT! The kids were losing their minds over all the wildlife & loved hearing the staff teach them different facts about the animals.

It was a unique experience to be able to see these animals up close & in a more personal & intimate setting than a zoo, which can sometimes feel overwhelming & crowded. It’s great for younger kids that aren’t going to want to do a ton of walking between exhibits. Not only did WDC provide a meaningful learning experience for the kids, but admission is free so there’s no reason not to visit!

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Caputo’s Cheese Market

We took a quick break to enjoy a fresh panino from Caputo’s Cheese Market. (Side bar: I actually used to work as a preschool teacher in Lake Forest & Caputo’s was one of my favorite lunch places to visit!) All of their ingredients are so fresh & it truly is like a taste of Italy right there in town. The kids enjoyed some pretzels & hummus while we waited for our panini (their Prosciutto Paninos are the BEST) to be warmed up. SO GOOD, YOU GUYS!!

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Lake Forest Library

We finished up our day trip at the Lake Forest Library. The kids loved hanging their coats at the cubbies that welcome us at the Children’s Area entrance.

We played with puppets in the dramatic play area & checked out the new interactive centers they had to offer. We tested out the one with the map of the US where we learned about states & capitals. I challenged Gio to find Illinois, & Florida (where he was born). Gabi was just happy to push the buttons, ha!

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All in all it was a great, low-key day spent with the kiddos! I didn’t feel stressed or overwhelmed & the kids really got a lot out of the experience– They both couldn’t stop talking about it! If you’re looking for a fun-filled day right in town, I highly recommend checking out these places in Lake Forest.

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