I’ve been wanting to make this with Gio for a few weeks now & I kept putting it off because we’ve been doing other projects. This morning I saw the bag of rice & said, “Ok, we’re doing it!” Look how cool it looks!!!

IMG_6119 copy\

I made our DIY rainbow rice with no vinegar. Not quite sure why people even use vinegar in the first place… It smells so awful!! Maybe there’s some fancy, scientific reason but ours came out awesome so I say don’t use it!!

What you need:

  • Uncooked rice
  • Water
  • Small ziptop bags
  • Food coloring- I like the neon colors!
  • Cookie sheet or tray
  • Tablespoon
  • 1 Cup measuring cup- optional
  • Parchment paper or tin foil- optional
  • Hair dryer- only if you’re impatient like me :)

Here’s what you do:

Measure 1 cup of rice (or just pour some in a bag, you really don’t have to measure…) & pour in some drops of food coloring… I used about 7 drops, I wanted it vibrant!

IMG_6097 copy

Add 1 Tbsp of water, seal your bag & shake it up. Gio helped me do the shaking :)

IMG_6099 copy IMG_6103 copy

Lay some parchment paper or tin foil on a cookie sheet (optional) & spread out your rice to dry. If you’re impatient like me you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process :)


Continue this process until you have all the colors you want. Don’t forget you can mix your food coloring, I didn’t have orange so I made it with pink & yellow :)

IMG_6116 copy

Now it’s time to put it in a sensory bin! Check out the DIY sensory table we made for under $30!!

IMG_6123 copy

IMG_6125 copy

Gio wasn’t sure what to think, he just kept saying, “Wow!”

IMG_6127 copy

IMG_6129 copy IMG_6135 copy

In case you didn’t notice, we decided it was too hot out this morning & changed out of our long jammies! Then we decided we wanted to taste a piece of this rainbow stuff…

IMG_6138 copy

but quickly learned it wasn’t as tasty as it looks, haha.

IMG_6139 copy

We played with it for a while, filling & dumping different cups & containers.


Gio rice

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, try it out & let me know how it goes!! Thanks for stopping by :)