Hi, guys! I wanted to share with you how I made my wedding veil after going through so many options of bridal dresses. It took some (lots of) patience but it was really easy & it only cost me about $15 to make! (Minus the cost of the hair comb, that was an engagement gift from my grandmother.
It’s from David’s Bridal, it was $29 & matched the embellishment on my dress perfectly!)
I wanted a really long & full veil without spending upwards of $200.. So I figured, “Hey. I’m crafty. My mom is crafty. We totally got this!” Here’s what it turned out like:
diy-wedding-veil diy-wedding-veil diy-wedding-veil

Supply LIst

  • About 3 1/2 yards of soft tulle, 108″wide. I bought 7 yds in case I messed up. **All tulle I found near me was only 54″ wide which was wayyy too short for me since I wanted it to be very full. I lived near Chicago at the time, so I was surprised I couldn’t find it! My mom happened to find it on sale for less than $2/yard at the fabric store near her in SC. So keep in mind you might have special order it in the store or get it online.**
  • Invisible thread (Michael’s)
  • Needle
  • Hair comb from David’s Bridal, click here to see it
  • Scissors
  • An extra set of hands to help you!
I didn’t know I was going to do a tutorial on this so I have no photos of what it looked like while it was being constructed.. so I have some simple drawings for your viewing pleasure in case you are visual like me (:

How to Make the Veil

If you have your wedding dress, put it on! I wanted to see how it would look at different lengths & make sure it was even with my dress.

Start by placing your hair comb where you will have it in your hair. I put mine in the back about halfway between the top & bottom of my head.

Hold the tulle up to the comb & put it how long you want it to be. This is when having an extra person comes in handy. Thanks, mama!!!! (: I wanted mine to be a few inches longer than my dress. I had a train, so my veil ended up being about 6 1/2 feet from the comb to the bottom.

You can secure the fabric to the comb if that’s easier for you but I just held it to the comb. I was too excited to bother with that, haha.

I knew I wanted it to be two layers so I could have a blusher, but I didn’t want to have to sew two pieces to the comb. I kept holding the tulle to the comb while my mom threw the rest of the tulle over/in front of me. This way, I could see how much fabric I would need for my blusher. I wanted the shortest part to fall about where my elbows were, which measured about 2 ft 8 inches from the comb. I still cut it about a foot longer than I needed just to be safe. So once you’re sure about the length go ahead & cut. What you should have is one large rectangle of fabric, mine was a total of about 10 1/2 ft long (6 1/2 ft for the back + 3 ft for the blusher + 1 extra ft)


Lay your fabric out on the floor or on a table. Make sure you’re working on a clean space.. tulle picks up everything!! Now you can also take your wedding dress off. But only if you want (;

Fold over the fabric so the comb is at the top of the fabric, with the blusher folded over the rest of the veil. To find the center of the fabric (width-wise) we folded it in half, found our center point then opened it back up.


Using your invisible thread, you are going to secure the tulle at 3 points on the comb (one point in the middle, then one on either end of comb) but start with the middle point first. You want to sew the tulle on there evenly, so this will help you achieve that. (I did not sew the tulle to the teeth of the comb but the comb itself.. You can’t see the thread because of the diamonds & pearls. Do what works for your comb, though.)

Here’s a photo if that sounds confusing:

Once you sew the 3 points on there, you will be left with two “loops.” Find the middle points of your “loops” & secure. Now you will have 4 loops. Continue to find & secure the middle points of your loops to the comb until you have most of it sewn on. I sewed the heck out of mine, that thing was not coming off!

Here’s a close-up of what mine turned out like. It could use a good steaming to get all the wrinkles out, haha:

You’re almost done! Now that it’s sewn on there, you’re going to want to round out the harsh corners & make sure everything is trimmed nicely. Put the comb in your hair to see how it falls when it’s actually on your head. The bottom of my veil was pretty easy, I just had my mom shape it so that it was even around the bottom of my dress.

I needed to cut quite a bit from the sides of the blusher to round it out. I saw this picture of Kate Middleton & realized I wanted the front to fall like this, without any folds in it. It just looks so simple & doesn’t distract from the face.  The highest point is at the waist & then it slowly falls lower on the sides. My mom did a great job achieving this look. Good job, mama!

I hope this post encourages you to try & make your own veil!! This post proves you do NOT have to spend a ton of money for a beautiful veil that is exactly how you envision it. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below (: Happy wedding planning!!!

Photo Credit: Jason Edward Photography

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