Here’s a list of my favorite things I used during
my first pregnancy. Some of the things on the list
aren’t “pregnancy products” but they definitely were
useful in my 9 month journey to motherhood! (:
Vitafusion Chewable Prenatal Vitamins
Where I got them: Target
With my gag reflexes & nausea in full force, I
could not for the life of me swallow prenatal vitamins.
I got so frustrated! My doctor suggested chewables.
I tried one that looked like sweet tarts but they were
GROSS, smelled bad & got stuck in my teeth. These
were my favorite & they taste like candy (: I took
the fiber + calcium supplement in addition to the
regular chewable prenatal vitamins.
Mama Mio Tummy Rub
Where I got mine:
I wasn’t sold on any of the creams that claimed to prevent
stretch marks, but this one got such good reviews I was
really curious to try it out. It was really expensive!! But
I also don’t have stretch marks (: Not sure if I just got
lucky or if this cream really helped? Idk but I like it (:

Blanqi “Body Styler” in Long
Where I got mine: Nordstrom &
I don’t know what I’d do without these! I have back
problems & this extra support was amazing, especially when
I had to be on my feet for a while. I got one in white from
Nordstrom. I loved it so much that I got a second one in black.
I got it on Cyber Monday when was having a sale.
It’s a little pricey, but so well made & totally worth it!!

Witch Hazel
Where I got mine: Walgreens
I was waiting for my beautiful pregnancy
“glow” & instead I got horrible acne.
I started using this as a spot treatment to
dry out blemishes & it really helped!
There’s no harmful ingredients (:
Organic Coconut Oil
Where I got mine: Grocery Store
I put this all over my face after I used Witch Hazel.
It hydrates & has natural antibacterial properties.
I love how my skin feels when I use this!

Kashi Bars or Raw Almonds
Where I got mine: TargetI keep these in my purse in case I’m out &
suddenly I need something to eat NOW. (Which is
basically every time I’m out..) It’s a quick snack,
perfect for on the go. My favorite Kashi bars are the
Trail Mix flavor, but if I’m craving some chocolate
the Dark Mocha Almond is amaaazing. I also love
the raw, unsalted almonds from Archer Farms.


Where I got mine: Target & Dick’s Sporting GoodsI carry my Camelbak with me everywhere anyway,
but I love it even more now that I’m pregnant. It’s
my savior if I suddenly feel nauseous or hot. & we
all know how important it is to stay hydrated, too!


Havaianas- Gray Slim
Where I got mine: NordstromI LOVE HAVAIANAS. They’re comfortable &
I literally wear them everywhere. I’m so glad I live
in Florida again & I can wear them year round (:
I also got a pair while I was in Hawaii. Hot pink
with chili peppers on the soles… Those are for
when I’m feeling wild & sassy. Hahaha.


Tums- Assorted Fruit
Where I got mine: Grocery StoreThese saved me so many times! I get horrible
heart burn. They say heart burn means baby
will have lots of hair.. we’ll see! (:


What To Expect App for iPhoneThis is a great app that keeps track of how
far along you are, informs you about
what’s going on in your body each week
& lets you know how baby is growing (:

Baby Oh Baby Herbal Scented Body Wash
Where I got mine: AmazonNow that I’m at the end of my pregnancy I’ve
been having pain in my back & pelvis. I love taking
baths to alleviate the pressure & this body wash is so
so relaxing & smells so good! Yes, it’s baby wash, haha.

Congrats on your pregnancy!!! Or if you aren’t pregnant & just curious, thanks for stopping by! (: