We made these clouds to hang up in our classroom while doing a unit on weather. 
I just love them! They’re so puffy & whimsical, & even though they’re rain clouds, 
they made our room look so happy (:

What we used:
  • Large paper plate
  • Hole puncher
  • Glue
  • White “fluff”
  • Stapler
  • Blue streamers
  • Scissors
  • Fishing line
What we did:
  • Punched a hole in the top of our plate so it could hang from the ceiling
  • Cut the blue “rain” streamers in different lengths (we actually cut the streamers down the middle too, so they weren’t as thick)
  • Stapled the streamers to the bottom edge of our plate
  • Glued on LOTS of fluff!
  • Hung it with fishing line 
*A trick I learned from another teacher: Hang fishing line from the ceiling in the beginning of the year where you think you will hang decorations. Tie on a paper clip to each line & bend it like this:

This makes it really easy to switch out decorations because you can just hang things on the paperclip. It may not be a big deal in your classroom, but our ceilings were SO high we had to call the maintenance guy anytime we wanted something hung from there! Haha.
Happy cloud-making!