*insert “Ice, Ice, Baby” song here* (:
What we used:
  • Liquid watercolor (We use Colorations Liquid Watercolor)
  • An ice tray
  • Water
  • Watercolor paper works best but construction paper will work, too
  • Glitter (optional)
  • A tray, plate, large laminated paper or tablecloth for easier clean-up

What we did:

  • Fill up the ice tray with water (leave a little room for the watercolor)
  • Add watercolor to the water. We did different colors & shades in each cube.
  • Add glitter if you want, & freeze!
*You could also cover the tray with aluminum foil & poke toothpicks/craft sticks through so they have little handles. I didn’t do this the first time & it was pretty messy! Most of the watercolors wash off pretty easy, though.. & let’s be honest, it’s more fun when it’s messy anyway (:

     Another fun idea would be to use an ice tray other than the plain cube shape. If you are doing this in a classroom, you could probably find different shapes at the dollar store for a unit you are doing. It’s an easy & cheap activity. Have fun!!