Halloween is coming up! Here’s some cute & spooky inspiration..

Spider snacks! We used a Ritz cracker, cream cheese, pretzel sticks (broken in 1/2) & mini chocolate chips.

Paper bowl spider-

  • Paper bowl with 4 holes pre-punched on either side
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Black construction paper/tissue paper/crepe paper
  • Glue (I put ours in a paint cup with a paint brush so they can paint it on)
  • Wiggly eyes
I put everything on the table– each item either on a paper plate or bowl, tell them what each of the supplies are for & let them put it together on their own. Most of them needed help attaching the pipe cleaners securely, but some of them got it on their own. I like seeing the different methods they come up with (: The most fun is seeing how each project comes out a little differently. Like this 7-legged spider (;
How about some DIY sensory bottles? Use any Halloween themed items you have! We used black/orange confetti & googly eyes in one, & bats in another. 

This is Mr. Bones. He’s made of pasta noodles (: I found a simple skeleton picture, gave them different types of pasta & let them have at it.

Trick or treat bags for our fun tricker-treating excursion around the building.

These spooky houses were a last minute idea I put together that morning. Super easy, here’s what you need: 

  • Paper bags
  • Glue
  • Construction paper rectangle for the door– I set out a few colors & sizes to choose from
  • Yellow squares/rectangles for windows. (I made the window pane & border with a sharpie after they were glued on)
  • Spooky stickers
  • Filler for inside the bags– we used scratch paper, but you could use anything. Plastic bags, newspaper, etc.
  • Black construction paper roof. I used pinking shears to get the ripple effect on the edge.
  • Stapler. 

Just decorate the bag, stuff it with your filler & staple the roof on to close the bag. 

Happy Halloween, everyone!