Pregnancy and New Baby Favorites

Pregnancy and New Baby Favorites

Pregnancy is a beautiful but often overwhelming time, even for us seasoned pros! With all the baby brands and options out there, it can be hard to narrow down what brands you can trust & what you actually need. Good news– I’ve gotchya covered! From fighting nausea in the first trimester all the way to nursing essentials, I’m sharing my top pregnancy and new baby favorites. Read on to see my top picks!

Please know some of the items in this articles were gifted, but all thoughts & honest opinions are my own! Purchases using these links may result in a small commission. Thank you for supporting me!!

Pregnancy and New Baby Favorites

Storq Maternity Clothing

Pregnancy and New Baby Favorites

Inside my hospital bag, you will find all things Storq! The Cozy Rib Nursing & Sleep Bra is super comfortable offers light support for sleeping, lounging, nursing. The material is stretchy, substantial, and the design easily allows you to pull to the side for easy nursing. It’s perfect for pregnancy and beyond! Pair the bra with the Cozy Rib Day to Night Pant. Made from the same fabric, these pants are great for in-home with baby, or you can pair them with a tee (or the Cozy Rib Pullover!) for shopping & errand running– they’re real pants! They’re a more loose-fitting design that hits around the ankles, depending on your height. Throw on the Cozy Rib Pullover to complete the look and keep yourself warm in cooler temps. The fit is loose and boxy for an effortless feel while still looking put together, which is why it’s on my pregnancy and new baby favorites list!

Finally, let me introduce you to the 3-Piece Lounge Set. This set comes with a loose-fitting, boxy tank with nursing-friendly buttons, a pair of mid-rise, loose fitting pants, and a belted wrap top– all PERFECT for your hospital bag. The cotton/spandex blend offers the comfort and stretch that we look for in loungewear. This set comes in 3 colors, Sage, Indigo, and Cinnamon. I love that all of Storq’s pieces are designed for EVERYONE in mind. Whether you’re pregnant, nursing, postpartum, or have no children at all & enjoy quality, comfortable clothes, there’s something for everyone at Storq.

Nanobébé Nursing & Feeding Essentials

Pregnancy and New Baby Favorites

Nanobébé has you covered with all of your feeding and cleaning needs in the Ultimate Newborn Set. This set includes:

  • 2 breastmilk bottles
  • 2 flexy silicone bottles (5oz & 9oz)
  • 1 warming bowl
  • 4 slow flow nipples
  • 2 medium flow silicone nipples
  • 4 nipple covers
  • 1 flexy bottle brush
  • 1 drying rack
  • 1 microwave steam sterilizer
  • 2 breast pump adapters
  • 2 storage caps
  • 2 pacifiers

The breastmilk and flexy silicone bottles feature a natural mom-like feel, providing smooth transitions between breast and bottle, which is why I’ve included it to my pregnancy and new baby favorites list. They also offer nutrient protection and are easy to clean. This set features the first and only 360-degree, triple-vented nipples that reduce colic and help baby stay latched.

The full cleaning system includes the Sterilizer, Slim Drying Rack, and Bottle Brush, which make it easy for you to provide safely-cleaned baby bottles, pump parts, and accessories. It’s everything you need to make the less-than-fun cleaning process easier so you can spend more time focusing on your little one.

The pump adapters are a gamechanger! I didn’t have these with Gio or Gabi, so I am super excited to give these a try. The adapters allow you to express breast milk directly into your Nanobébé Breastmilk Bottle. This means there are fewer parts to keep track of, and it simplifies the whole process for nursing and pumping moms! The standard-neck adapter is compatible with standard-neck breast pumps like Medela and Ameda, while the wide-neck adapter is compatible with wide-neck breast pumps like Spectra and Lansinoh.

Breastmilk Essentials Box

  • 60 Nursing Pads
  • 75 Breastmilk Storage Bags
  • Breastmilk Storage Bags Organizer
  • Bottle Cooler & Travel Pack

Nursing mamas, the letdown leakage is real sometimes! That’s why these Nursing Pads are a must-have. They are comfortable & breathable for daytime and overnight wear, & safe for moms + baby. Their leakproof design with ultra-absorbent lining means the moisture is pulled away so you stay dry & comfortable, while the waterproof backing prevents leak stains on your clothing. The adhesive strip holds the pad securely in place so you can feel confident while wearing them. The discreet shape conforms to your body so they aren’t even noticeable. Individually wrapped & disposable, these babies are perfect for on-the-go.

The Breastmilk Storage Bags feature a thin, flat design which allows you to cool & thaw 2x faster than standard storage bags, reducing bacterial growth & preserving precious breast milk nutrients that can be damaged by excessive heat. Made from extra-thick plastic, these bags are durable, leak-proof, & feature a double-zipper closure. The Breastmilk Storage Bags Organizer helps you save space & easily track pumping order– label for name, volume, date, & time.

Make on-the-go a breeze with the Bottle Cooler & Travel Pack. You can stack 3 Nanobébé Breastmilk Bottles inside with extra storage for any other feeding necessities like nipples, pacifiers, & pump parts. It features 3 layers of temperature-trapping insulation, keeping breastmilk cool or warm for hours while you’re on the go. The strap connects to stroller or diaper bag & it’s machine washable for convenience.

Haba Wooden Toys

Pregnancy and New Baby Favorites

We’re going super minimal when it comes to toys with this baby. I knew I wanted items that wouldn’t clash with our decor, and when we came across Haba I knew it was a perfect match. The Play Gym comes in a beautiful natural wood color with a minimalist dot design. There are hooks where you can hang toys along the top and sides, and it comes apart easily if you’d like to store it in a closet when not in use.

Continuing with the wooden dots theme and minimal design for my pregnancy and new baby favorites is the Wooden Mobile Dots. Hang it over the crib or changing table to catch baby’s attention and help them feel soothed at the same time.

The Baby Gift Set Dots is the perfect gift for a new mama. It includes a natural wood pacifier chain and a wooden clutching toy. I’ll be honest, neither Giovanni nor Gabriella had any interest in a pacifier but I still want to be prepared in case baby #3 does. The gift set shares the matching dots design featured on the wooden play gym, so I love that everything matches!

Three Peaks Manuka Honey

The first trimester was rough with this little one, let me tell you! I lived on a steady diet of pretzels and ginger tea because that’s all I could stomach most of the time. My ginger tea was not complete without Three Peaks Manuka Honey, specially crafted from New Zealand. Three Peaks Manuka Honey is carefully harvested to preserve the natural properties, health benefits, and rich Manuka honey flavor. It is hands down the best honey I have ever tried!! Certified 100% pure and authentic, each jar is handled with care, is traceable, and certified as Manuka honey. I still enjoy it in tea from time to time, but spread on toast is my new obsession. So good!!

I loved pairing the honey with the Rishi Turmeric Ginger tea, it was my go-to when I felt nauseous– which seemed like all the time! Make the loose tea in a teapot & then strain it before pouring it into your favorite mug. If you don’t have a teapot, you can always put a strainer right into your mug & pour the hot water over the tea while it steeps. When it’s ready to go, pull out the strainer & enjoy! Drinking ginger teas one of my favorite ways to relax and get some relief from the nausea.

Loloma coconut oil

It’s no coincidence that Loloma means “love” in Fijian! Loloma brings you pure virgin coconut oil, free from harmful chemicals, parabens, or sulphites. The organic coconuts used in this moisturizer are handpicked and harvested before being filtered to its purest oil. Grown and packaged on the Fijian islands, this luxurious oil is 100% organic and never tested on animals. Use it as a diaper rash cream to nourish, body lotion to relax, or cradle cap to moisturize. Having a baby heading into the cold months, this oil is going to be a life saver for our harsh Chicago winters!

GoSili Silicone Straw Cup

Fun fact about me: if I don’t fill a water bottle & carry it around with me, I don’t drink water! That’s why it’s easy for me to stay hydrated with the Gosili Silicone Straw Cup. It’s 24oz & features 100% European-grade silicone that’s 100% plastic-free, nontoxic, & safe for the environment! I’m not exaggerating when I say this baby comes everywhere with me & even follows me from room to room. Mine is filled with ice water 100% of the time, but you can fill it with your favorite drink (hot or cold) to enjoy all day long.

Prince Lionheart Twistr Diaper Pail

Pregnancy and New Baby Favorites

A good diaper pail is a must-have for new (& pro!) mamas. The Diaper Twist’r has a unique design where you never have to actually open the pail to expose the smells inside– just drop the diaper in the top receptacle & close the top. Then, you untwist the bag to drop it in while the top is closed. So smart!! The bags are super sturdy, made with seven layers to ensure the highest quality & no escaping odors.

One of the highlights of this diaper pail is the ability to pull out the full bag without having to cut & tie i.e. exposing all the smells. You just tie it off with the attached tabs & pull it out. That’s it! Prince Lionheart keeps the environment in mind by being green when they can. They utilize cardboard collars, recycled plastics, less corrugated packaging, fewer truckloads, less greenhouse emissions, and the bags are made at home right here in the USA. 

Blanqi Maternity Shorts & Leggings

Pregnancy and New Baby Favorites

I couldn’t have a post about pregnancy and new baby favorites without mentioning Blanqi! If you are pregnant and you haven’t tried Blanqi YOU. ARE. MISSING. OUT. I’m telling you they have the most comfortable, supportive maternity options & you will not regret owning multiples! I think I have 7 of their pieces including the underbust tank, belly band, over the belly leggings, and girl shorts. Bottom line– they offer support without feeling constricting. Tom & I like to go for walks most mornings (3+ miles) & I learned very quickly what a difference it makes to wear the girl shorts as opposed to my regular athletic shorts. The fabric is substantial & I appreciate the opacity, you can feel confident rocking them with a crop top or tops that don’t cover your bum. They hold up to washes & I’ve been able to wear these same pieces with all 3 pregnancies– highly recommend!

I hope you found this helpful, thank you so much for checking out my pregnancy and new baby favorites! If you liked this post, be sure to check out my other post, “What’s in My Hospital Bag: Baby #2!”