Fluffy Stuff!! Ok, I will be honest.. this was so. ridiculously. messy. But the kids had so much fun with it I just had to keep my anxiety to myself & let them get messy haha It’s so simple to make, you only need 2 ingredients- cornstarch & shaving cream. Now, maybe the problem was that I didn’t follow a recipe, instead I just eyeballed it. Maybe if I used more cornstarch it would have been more moldable instead of squishy? Not sure, I was just having fun & experimenting, but this is how it came out. I had more pictures but I think I may have deleted them. Anyway, if you are feeling brave & are looking for a messy activity to keep your kiddos busy you should try this one. I definitely recommend having them wear a smock with this one! I put lots of spoons, containers & kitchen utensils in there with it, they loved measuring it out & making all different “foods” with it (: