LEGO Duplo Steam Train Review

My kids were soooo excited to partner with Lego to show you the Lego Duplo Steam Train! It’s a push & go train with lights, sounds, & action bricks for the track. As a mom, I love that we can spend quality time together doing something fun while the kids are also learning. It improves their critical thinking skills, their communication & teamwork skills & it encourages imaginative play. Some toys just never leave the playroom & this is definitely going to be the case for the Lego Duplo Steam Train! Read on to see why we love it & watch our video to see it in action.

We’re a Lego loving family– always have been & always will be! I love open ended toys that foster creativity & open up their little minds to pretend play & using their imagination. The Lego Duplo Steam Train is no exception. Here’s a quick video so you can see it in action :)

The Lego Duplo Steam Train enhances the learning & play experience for your children with its built-in lights, movement mechanism & sound features. Built for ages 2-5, this train comes with:

  • 59 Lego Duplo pieces
  • 16 track pieces
  • Animal figure, locomotive driver, & child Duplo figures to inspire imagination
  • Action bricks that activate sounds, lights, & movement/stop commands
  • App functionality for remote-control through bluetooth on your own device
  • Easy-to-read & easy-to-build instructions that kids can follow on their own

We spent the entire morning playing with this train & Gio & Gabi hardly stopped giggling! We used our other Duplo collection to start building a little town around the tracks & station. It gets them practicing their communication skills, improves their spatial awareness & fine motor skills, & gets them working together to build things & create story lines.

With the holidays coming up, I’m definitely keeping this train in mind for gift ideas! I’ve never known a child to *not* love anything Lego, & this is perfect for ages 2-5.


Lego Duplo Steam Train


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