Snow Days in March

Soooo. Apparently Mother Nature decided to grace us with some snow. In March. Mid March, actually. Can you sense my excitement? Haha. Now, I’m not one for mom shaming but come on lady, get it TOGETHER! You guys know I’m a Florida girl, so I’m just over here wishing for summer– but  it’s pretty much a life rule that when it snows you go play in it. So that’s what we did. (After we spent 20 minutes getting ready, obviously.)

Gio LOVES THE SNOW. Gabi isn’t quite as enthusiastic about it. She’s over it after about 10 minutes. Me too, girl, me too. Haha.

I love watching them play & laugh & imagine & just ENJOY. It’s one of my favorite parts about motherhood– seeing life through their wondrous eyes & joyful little hearts, making the most of every moment. It’s just the sweetest.

& Macklin is CRAZY about the snow. I could hardly get a decent picture because he was running around like an absolute maniac. If you saw my Snapchat (@thelovenotes) or IG stories, you saw how hyper this puppy gets, haha. #snowpup

After spending some time making snow angels & building “snow porches” (idk, ask Gio about that one, haha) we thawed out inside with some hot chocolate. Which, to Gio, just means eating all the marshmallows :) Sending warm hugs to everyone else who got hit with the snow! Build some snowmen. Drink some hot chocolate. Savor the sweet moments. Because life is what you make it :)