I knew before Giovanni was born that I wanted to at least try cloth diapering.
(I know, it sounds crazy to most people, haha)

Not only is it less expensive, but there are no unnatural ingredients & it’s obviously better for our environment. I didn’t want to invest a bunch of money in something that I wasn’t sure was going to work for us, so I only bought 6 diapers to start us out.
If you’re planning on cloth diapering full time you’ll probably want to get about 30, then do a load every couple days. The kind I got fit 6-22 lbs so it didn’t matter how many I bought, but be careful because some are not adjustable. You don’t want to buy too many in the small size & have your child outgrow them right away!I remember feeling very overwhelmed at all the different diaper options. I read many mixed reviews about all the different kinds & I almost didn’t go through with even trying any of them.
But after doing hours & hours of some research I decided to go with KaWaii Baby Diapers from

We got the Little Green Baby Bamboo kind, but I don’t see the “minky”material option..
It looks like these are the same, but with the snap closure.
If I were to buy more, I actually would go with the snaps because the velcro is wearing out.
Each diaper comes with two bamboo inserts that you can either place inside the pocket or lay on top.
I just lay it on top so I don’t have to touch it to pull it out of the pocket when it’s dirty.Here’s Gio in the neutral gray minky color.
Awwww, my little boo boo! Hehe.

I was so excited when I got these in the mail because they are everything I expected them to be: well made, absorbent, durable & they are SUPER soft!!
I tried others before I found these & was not happy.
Thirsties from Target… NO BUENO!
The cord was so hard/uncomfortable & the snaps were impossible to undo. (Sorry, Thirsties!)
There is a cord on these, but it’s covered with soft material so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable…
I do still place the insert a little above the back of the diaper so the cord part isn’t right against his back. Not sure if that makes sense…
If you’re interested in cloth diapering, you’re going to need a few things:
A wet/dry bag to store dirty diapers.
I got ours from Planet Wise on Amazon, it’s the same as this one except in black.
Boring, I know! But black is my go-to color, I can’t help it haha.
A good detergent
The most important thing is use a detergent with no brighteners, fragrance, enzymes, dyes or whitening agents. I use All Free & Clear or Rockin’ Green Classic Concentrate in Motley Clean Scent.
–The Rockin’ Green is expensive but lasts a while–
You can read more about caring for your diapers here.
Cloth Wipes
These are obviously optional, but if you’re doing the laundry for diapers you might as well do it for the wipes, too. I use Charlie Banana & I love them! I use these even when I’m using disposable diapers.
They are big, soft & durable.
(Before I tried these I seriously would go through so many disposable wipes!)
The solution I use for the wipes is coconut oil, his bath wash & warm water. I don’t really measure.. Look at me, I’m such a rebel! I just eyeball 2 tablespoons of oil & 2 tablespoons of bath wash & then fill up a bowl with water. I dunk the cloths in the solution, squeeze out the excess & roll them to go in our wipes warmer. The wipes warmer says to only use the wipes that “go with it,” which are the Warmies Wipes, but I use the Charlie Bananas with it & look, I’m still alive (: Just make sure you don’t over-fill it, & make sure you have them stacked in a way that the air can circulate between the wipes.
I set mine up like this:
If you have any questions please feel free to ask!!
I’m obviously not a cloth diapering pro, but I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction (: