How fun is this rainbow cake?! It would be perfect for a rainbow themed party, or for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Read on to see how we used food coloring & a simple box mix to create this colorful treat.

What we used:
  • Cake mix + water, veg. oil, eggs (We did this at camp for our kids, so it was just easier to use the box kind. If you want to be fancy & make it from scratch, go for it! We used white cake mix.)
  • Neon food dye or gel
  • 1 Cup sour cream (or yogurt)
  • Vanilla frosting
What we did:
  • Follow box instructions to make cake batter, or use your cake recipe
  • Add 1 Cup sour cream (or yogurt) to the batter & mix well
  • Separate the batter into bowls or cups & mix food dye. We used 5 colors. 
  • Choose a color & begin to drizzle it over the bottom of your pan. We used a little bit of the green batter first.
  •  Do your second layer of color, once again drizzling over your first color. Continue until all your colors & batter are used up. The sour cream keeps the colors from mixing together. It’s like magic! I feel like “magic” is a common theme in our classroom… (:
I usually let the kids do everything, or at least have some part in activities like this, but since it was camp there were a lot more kids than usual! So I made the cake & served it for snack. They had happy tummies regardless (: & this is the finished product:

 How fun is that! I almost wish I used more pink throughout, but I still think it came out awesome-looking & delicious, so no complaints here. Happy tie-dye baking!

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