We knew from the beginning we wanted a vintage feel to our wedding so I thought I should incorporate that into wedding party invites. You can change your message & use this idea for anything you want. It’s simple, creative & seems like a lot of fun to open (:
What I used:
  • Wooden spools from Michaels
  • Muslin fabric
  • Black paint (I used acrylic & it worked fine)
  • Alphabet stamps
  • Hot glue
  • Pink string
  • Small box
  • Twine
  • Lace ribbon
  • 3 buttons

What I did:

  • Measure & cut long strips of fabric to fit the height of the spool. Keep them long, you don’t know how much room you’ll need to write your message & you can always cut them down.
  • I wanted the fabric to look a little tattered on the edges so I took some strings out to make it fray & roughed it up a little by sliding my scissors back & forth along the edges.
  • I stamped each letter individually with black paint. There are stamp holders you can buy where you slide in each letter so you can spell out entire words & stamp them at once. This way, they are all aligned & evenly spaced. I didn’t even think about it when I was doing this project but I did like being able to control each letter. I’m not that good with stamps, usually I end up missing paint on some part or not pressing evenly. I also wanted it to look “not so perfect” so it worked out for me to just stamp each letter. Find what works for you, though!
  • Once it’s dry, cut it to the desired length. Remember to leave a little room to hot glue the end to the spool.
  • Hot glue the right side of your fabric to the spool.
  • Roll up your message & tie with a bow.
  • Inside the box, I put small strips of different shades of pink, tan & cream colored fabric to cushion the spool & keep it from rolling around.
  • I put a strip of lace ribbon around the box & secured it with a line of hot glue.
  • I started to tie the box with twine to measure where I wanted my buttons to go. I had to adjust it a few times but eventually got them where I wanted them. Tie with a bow & you’re ready to go!
This is what mine turned out like.
I hope someone tries this & sends me one, haha!