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Dinosaur Sensory Play

It’s no secret that Giovanni LOVES dinosaurs, so we’re always looking for fun ways that incorporate them into our activities.  We came across a cloud dough recipe & we added dinosaurs & paint brushes to create some dinosaur archaeology fun. The kids loved it! The recipe is super simple– it’s an 8:1 ratio of flour […]

DIY Sliding Barn Door

This DIY Sliding Barn Door is the biggest project I’ve ever done myself & I love how it turned out! It not only adds a fun/rustic element to our house, but it frees up space in our laundry room from the swinging door. When I used to carry in Gabi’s car seat from the garage,  […]

Flowers Sensory Play

I love our sensory table— it was actually a DIY project that I did years ago, & we love it! You can see how I made our DIY sensory table here. I’m always looking for new things to put in our sensory table— we do things like rice, beans, sand, water & oatmeal pretty frequently. […]

Under the Sea Birthday Party

Hiiii! Here I am almost 3 months post-birthday, FINALLY sharing details from our Under the Sea party, haha. Better late than never? We were  so  unsure  what we wanted the theme of Gio & Gabi’s joint birthday party to be this year. (And by we, I mean me. Haha.) We considered a few different themes, but I fell […]

DIY Baby Gate

You guys. I got a chop saw! It was my Valentine’s Day present (ha!), & I LOVE IT. I used to saw my wood by hand (not fun) or go to Lowe’s with my meticulous cut list, hoping I wouldn’t need to make any adjustments along the way. Now that I have my own way to cut […]

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Hi guys! I posted a before/after picture of our newly painted kitchen cabinets on Facebook & had some questions on how we did it, how long it took, etc. so here’s the post with all the details! I’ve done plenty of painting jobs before but considering this was in our kitchen & not a beat […]


I wanted to make a gallery wall of photo canvases, but for the sizes I wanted it would cost close to $200… per canvas. Yikes! I did a little research & saw how easy it was to create your own with almost the same effect. I spent about $50 on these, between the canvases (1/2 off […]


This was such an easy DIY & Giovanni LOVED it! It was so fun to watch him explore the pasta in our sensory bin & it was actually a lot less messy than I thought it would be. I’ll jump right into how we made it :) What I used: Pasta noodles ( 2 boxes) […]


Usually I love taking photos in natural settings. Outdoors, simple, unposed… you know, like you aren’t “trying so hard.” But for a holiday photo, I decided to have some fun with it! I had it in my head that Gio could be playing in a “snow scene” in his jammies. I figured I had most of the elements […]


I’ve been experimenting with mixed metals in Christmas decor this year & what better way than with a DIY ornament wreath? All you need for this project is: A wreath frame- $2.99 for the 12″ size Fabric (if you get a metal frame like I did) Hot glue/gun Different sized/colored ornaments. I got 1 box […]

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