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Winter Skincare Routine + Product Favorites

I get a lot of questions about my winter skincare (& favorite products in general), so I thought I would share that today! I switch up my skincare for the seasons/based on what my skin needs, so this post is all about my winter skincare routine. Read on to see my favorite skincare products for […]

Crochet Hats by Yali’s and Yabo’s

How sweet are these crochet hats, you guys! Thanks so much to  Yali’s and Yabos Crochet for partnering with me to create this post!! She crocheted these adorable hats for Gio & Gabi– Gio’s is houndstooth & Gabi’s is Rudolph!! HOW CUTE ARE THEY!? She was so sweet to send these to us. I’m obsessed!   I love […]

Pumpkin Festival 2017

When it’s Fall, you go to the pumpkin festival. So that’s what we did this past weekend :) The weather was perfection & the kiddos had a blast! We fed cows/horses/goats, Gio & Gabi climbed on tractors, painted pumpkins & just enjoyed each other’s company. Here’s a video of our time at the farm :) […]

We were late on our very first day of school, ever.

You guyyyyys! Giovanni started preschool! I can’t believe it. Where does the time go?! I was actually less emotional than I expected myself to be. I thought I would be a blubbering mess, but it was actually pretty easy. Too easy, actually.  But he was ready, so I guess I was, too. It’s all he’s […]

Snow Days in March

Soooo. Apparently Mother Nature decided to grace us with some snow. In March. Mid March, actually. Can you sense my excitement? Haha. Now, I’m not one for mom shaming but come on lady, get it TOGETHER! You guys know I’m a Florida girl, so I’m just over here wishing for summer– but  it’s pretty much a life rule […]


Time for some real talk. Our son (& oldest child) Giovanni just turned 2 at the end of February. In two short months, this age has already proven to be challenging… Add a new baby sister in the mix (born the day after his birthday) & we’ve got some real excitement going on around here, folks. […]


I can’t believe Gabriella is a month old already (& I’m just now getting around to writing this, ha!). Life has been pretty hectic around here though, having 2 kiddos is taking some getting used to! But I’m loving it. Just look at this girl, who wouldn’t be in love?! Her hair… I’ll never be over […]


I’ve been so bad about taking and posting baby bump pictures, I need to step up my game because we only have 5 weeks left! Assuming she doesn’t decide to make her debut before then… Third Trimester nesting is in full swing– I just want to clean all the things!! I don’t even know how […]


We decided to spend Christmas in Chicago this year. We got a little more adventure than we expected on our return home (I think it’s still too soon for me to laugh about… *insert monkey with hands on his face emoji here*), but here are tons of pictures from our trip! Gio LOVES airplanes (& anything […]


I’m a couple days short of 29 weeks pregnant & I can tell I’m starting to lose a bit of steam now that I’m in my 3rd trimester. Gotta keep on truckin’ through these last few months! I really am so grateful for how this pregnancy has gone so far. I’ve only had a few symptoms this […]

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