Last week I shared What’s in My Hospital Bag for Baby #2….

(Btdubs I can’t believe it’s almost baby time! What!?!?)

whats in my hospital bag

I put together some gifts for the nurses & staff during our stay at the hospital. It’s a small way to say thanks & it doesn’t hurt to butter them up a bit either :) Nurses have a tough job that often goes unnoticed, so we figured a little chocolate treat is very well deserved!

I created these printables (available in my Etsy Shop for $5 & they’re customizable!) & I decided to go with 2 girly designs since we’re having a girl :)

**UPDATE: I’ve added these to my FREE printables library right here on my blog! Find the “Free Printables Library” Tab & download them there!!**

hospital gifts 2 wm

“This gift to you could never compare, but here’s a small thanks for your time & care!”

hospital gifts wmNurse Gifts 2

I put 4 Ghirardelli chocolates in a ziptop bag & stapled the prints to the top.

I may or may not be currently eating the remainder of the chocolates as I type this……. ;)

Nurse Gifts

I hope this gives you a little inspiration for your own labor/delivery gifts or even just a gift to someone who’s helped you out or done something nice for you :) Thanks for stopping by!!