I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. I’ll be turning 27 in November & I can’t help but think how close I’m getting to 30… 30!! I know 30 is so young. But it’s still THIRTY!!

It makes me wonder… have I done/accomplished everything I wanted to by now? Am I where I thought I would be in life? Am I the person I want to be? How can I grow or better myself?

I started a list a couple months ago- a “30 before 30” list. (I’m such a list person, it’s not even funny. Seriously, I have lists for my lists. I totally got that from my mom… Thaaanks, mom!) I decided to make this public not only to hold myself accountable but to hopefully inspire others to do the same. I wanted my list to be well-rounded & encompass a variety of categories (stepping outside my comfort zone, challenging myself, following through with fun/simple things I’ve always wanted to do but been too lazy/never got around to etc.) So here’s my list!

  1. Open & maintain an Etsy shop– I started a shop called thelovedesigns!! :)
  2. Learn how to sew. I got a machine & my grandma has been teaching me :)
  3. Plant & maintain a garden with fruits/veggies/herbs.
  4. Take a cross-country road trip.
  5. Do an anonymous good deed.
  6. Read the Bible cover-to-cover.
  7. Write a children’s book.
  8. Take Giovanni to Italy.
  9. Eat raw for 30 days.
  10. Do volunteer work.
  11. Master photoshop.
  12. Get amazingly fit.
  13. Learn to meditate.
  14. Splurge on something ridiculous. (Louboutins? Chanel?)
  15. Make fresh pasta. I’m going to post the recipe soon!
  16. See the pope.
  17. Do a color run.
  18. Master my DSLR.
  19. Try stand up paddle boarding.
  20. Eat cake at Carlo’s Bakery.
  21. Have a large print/canvas of one of the photos I took & hang it in my house.
  22. Build something.
  23. Speak fluent Italian.
  24. Take a cooking class with hubby.
  25. Go scuba diving.
  26. Try yoga.
  27. Learn guitar.
  28. Complete my unfinished paintings.
  29. Design & sew a dress or outfit.
  30. Begin & end each day with prayer.
In the process of making this list I realized there’s a lot of traveling I’d like to do that realistically just won’t happen before I’m 30 so I created a second list. (I’m a list person, remember?) I call that one my “Life List” & maybe I’ll share that on here someday, too. So tell me, what would your list look like? I encourage you to make your own!! Even if you’re over 30 ;)